Hi, I’m Nathan. I’m a guy who got really sick of writing thoughtful content on his Facebook page to an audience of zero. I work as an RN in the “Inland Northwest” region of Washington State, and I am married to a beautiful medical student who ensures that I don’t go too far off the rails. 

I’m not starting this Blog to write about my job, although surely that will come up from time to time. Instead, I’m writing to scratch an itch that has followed me for several years. First, I like writing. Second, when I write, people often tell me that my writing helped them clarify their own thoughts. There is a serious lack of calm, clear writing in our modern media landscape, and if I can help people think deeply about some of the issues facing our world today, that is worth my time and effort. 

Perhaps an alternate motive is that I feel good when people compliment my writing and I want more of that. Sure, fine. It probably won’t help me to think too deeply about my motives at this point – I’ve got content to produce. 

My Wife and I at our wedding in July 2018